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Facultative reinsurance is a form of reinsurance where each exposure the ceding company wishes to reinsure is contained in a single transaction. Arch Re’s underwriters offer market-leading property/energy knowledge, experience and innovative technical pricing to create an effective solution for the most challenging property exposures.


Since 2007, Arch Re Facultative has:

  • Grown to nearly 60 underwriting professionals serving approximately 2,500 client contacts at 300 companies from 16 locations in four countries;
  • Entertained all occupancies, coverages and perils on an excess basis – as well as on a Program basis (also known as auto facultative, facultative obligatory, “tracultative”);
  • Viewed our clients' adverse selection as our opportunity;
  • Provided value beyond risk transfer – our goal is to improve our clients' financial results through risk expertise and market insight;
  • Offered up to $100 million of capacity for one-stop shopping; and
  • Provided a variety of presentations and other engagements for training purposes

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In the 2013 Flaspöhler Survey™ (Cedants Evaluate Reinsurers / NonLife / US), cedants rated Arch Re Fac #1 Client Advocate, #1 in Timely Service and #1 in Ease of Doing Business.