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New York Disability Benefits

The State of New York mandates that all employers provide their employees with short-term disability benefits in the event that an employee becomes disabled due to a non-occupational injury or illness. This may include such examples as an employee breaking a leg during a ski vacation or an employee giving birth.

When an employee is eligible for coverage, they must first meet a seven-day waiting period, after which they will receive 50% of their weekly earnings, up to $170 per week.

Under state law, if an employee is continuously disabled, they can receive up to 26 weeks of benefits within a 12-month period.





Quarterly in Arrears



Annual in Advance




*monthly rate per employee billed quarterly in arrears
$80 Minimum Annual Premium

Arch Insurance in New York

Using the state mandates as a baseline, Arch Insurance offers enhanced disability plans to New York employers:

  • Shortened elimination periods.
  • Increased percentages of covered weekly benefits.
  • Increased weekly dollar maximum.
  • Increased overall covered weekly durations.

The Benefits of Choosing Arch Insurance

Employers may see several benefits when they choose Arch Insurance over the state of New York’s temporary disability insurance plan:

  • Arch’s underwriters are industry experts with decades of experience with disability benefits in New York.
  • We have a superior claims staff that focuses on full case management with the goal of returning employees to work.
  • Policy and related documents are 100% paperless. There’s no waiting for the mail.
  • We will work with employers who have multiple locations and request combined billing options.
  • Employer access to online, real-time FICA and claim reports.
  • Arch uses high-tech systems and operations, which translates to faster, more accurate business practices.

New York Paid Family Leave

New York’s Paid Family Leave program provides job-protected, wage replacement to employees when time is needed to bond with a child, care for a close relative with a serious health condition, or help relieve family pressures when someone is called to active military service.

Benefit payout are phased in over a four year period.


Visit the New York State Paid Family Leave Website

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New York State PFL Waiver Form, for employees who wish to opt out.
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