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Arch Assist TDBsm

Arch Insurance Company offers a savings program off the NJ state disability plan for employers with 25 to 250 employees. Employers with a .25% final disability rate or less are eligible for the savings program. In addition to rate savings, Arch pays the State billed assessment costs relating to disability on the employers behalf. Assessment savings to the employer represent approximately $10.00 per employee per year. Example, for each 100 employees, the employer will realize an additional savings of $1,000/year.

State of NJ Final Disability Rate Arch Rate Charged Employer Arch Rate Charged Employee Employer Savings vs. State Fund
.25% .20% 2015 State Allowed Deduction % 20%
.20% .15% 2015 State Allowed Deduction % 25%
.15% .10% 2015 State Allowed Deduction % 33.3%
.10% .04% 2015 State Allowed Deduction % 60%

To Get an Arch Assist TDBsm Quote

Arch requires the fiscal year July 2016 to June 2017 AC-174.1 form to provide a quote under the Arch Assist TDBsm program. Click HERE for an instant quote and to start the policy application.

Or, send the employers AC-174.1 form to Arch underwriting along with the employee count. An Arch underwriter will get back to you within 24 hours with a savings proposal. If you are unable to obtain the form, send the employers legal name and FEIN # to Arch underwriting we will contact the State of NJ for the form.


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