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Contract Binding Operations

The Contract Binding Operations division of Arch Insurance has assembled a team of experienced professionals who possess a deep understanding of the carrier-wholesaler relationship. Our management team has extensive experience in contract binding authorities and fully understands the industry changes and challenges impacting our distribution network.

Leveraging a carefully selected network of appointed surplus lines agencies with personnel skilled in binding authorities, all rating/quoting/binding/policy issuance is performed through a secure Internet portal. The Contract Binding Operations division targets small- to medium-sized commercial accounts where it is cost-effective to utilize technology in accessing this niche. Our staff is focused on superior service and adding insurance products that will provide value to our trading partners.

Customer Profile

  • Small to medium commercial accounts
  • Targeted classes include:
    • Lessors’ risk
    • Retail stores
    • Condominium and townhouse associations
    • Trade contractors and general contractors
    • Vacant buildings
  • Minimum premium — $425 for GL only, $675 for Package Policies (in most states)
  • Maximum premium —$35,000 for GL only, $59,000 for Package Policies (in most states)

Product Lines: *

  • General Liability, Standard and Increased Limits up to $5,000,000*
  • Package Policies, with and without wind coverage. Up to $5,000,000 Property TIV per location with Maximum Property Premium of $24,000*
  • Miscellaneous Professional Liability*
  • Liquor Liability available as a monoline; GL including Liquor Package; or as GL including Liquor and Property Package*

*Subject to Underwriting Guide Restrictions; further details available from your CBO Underwriter


  • Exclusively wholesalers and program administrators with personnel skilled in binding authorities

Key Features

  • General liability and packageable policies, including contracting and fixed premises risks
  • Secure Login Features
  • Quick Quote, Bind and Policy Issuance
  • ACORD®upload capability utilizing the Appulate Uplink Technology:
    • Reduces Data Entry by Accepting Electronic, Scanned and Fax copies of Acords directly into OneSys System
  • Integrated ISO© Rating with Built in Underwriting Logics
  • Easy entry for program rating and coverage extensions
  • Easily applied debit and credit factors
  • Self-Service document upload capability for Post-Bind documentation
  • Zero Deductible GL (most classes)

Underwriting Queries & Submissions

GL & Package:
AZ Submit:

For additional information about our products and services including our Contract Binding Submit team please click these links:

The Contract Binding Operations division interfaces with the following Arch complementary specialties: