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Executive Assurance / Professional Liability


  • All Canadian Authority.
  • Customized wordings and endorsements available on demand

Commercial D&O

  • Primary ($15M) and Excess ($25M) Capacity.
  • Publicly traded companies with a market capitalization in excess of $100m.
  • Diminished Primary Appetite in Tech, Biotech and Junior Exploration
  • No Pollution Exclusion.
  • Amended Insured vs. Insured, replaced with Organization vs. Insured.
  • Inquiry Coverage

Side A DIC & Broad Form Primary

  • Primary ($30M) and Excess ($30M) Capacity.
  • No restricted classes.
  • Private, Canadian Listed, US Listed.
  • No Presumptive Language in definition of Loss.
  • Inquiry Coverage.
  • Liberalization Provision.
  • Remediation Costs.

Private Equity

  • Primary ($10M) and Excess ($10M) Capacity.
  • Diminished Appetite in new/inexperienced funds and companies with abstract investment strategies.
  • Capability for Hedge Funds and Publically Traded Companies.
  • Appetite for Portfolio Company, Investee company placements on Private Company form.

Transactional Risk Insurance Products

  • Buyer and Seller Side Representations and Warranties Policies.
  • Primary ($10M) and Excess ($10M) Capacity.
  • Max Policy Period of 6 years
  • Minimum Retention of 1.5%
  • Minimum Premium of $50,000
  • Diminished Appetite for:
    • Financial Institutions or Financial Services Firms;
    • Pharmaceutical companies;
    • Healthcare and Healthcare related companies;
    • For-profit Education companies;
    • Social Media and High-Tech Technology companies.

Financial Institutions E&O & D&O


  • Primary & Excess Capabilities.
  • $10M in available capacity.
  • No appetite for Investment Banking E&O on a primary level.
  • Includes Credit Unions, Trust and Finance Companies

Investment Managers

  • Investment Advisor & Company Form (IAF) provides E&O, D&O (public and private), EPL and Fiduciary coverage, with one shared limit.
  • $10M in available Capacity
  • Includes Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds, and Closed-End Publicly-traded Funds/Companies.
  • Real estate asset managers/property managers can be added
  • No fund size restriction.

Insurance Companies, Agents/Brokers

  • Minimum Premium: $10,000, not applicable with supporting Arch business.
  • Appetite for, all sizes, national, complex agencies and brokerage.

Securities Broker/Dealer

  • Minimum Premium: $25,000 (however does not apply with supporting Arch business).
  • Minimum Size: 50+ licensed registered representatives.
  • Appetite for traditional product dealers, including stocks, bonds, funds, life.

Mortgage Broker/Bankers

  • Standalone, program format, or with other Arch policies.
  • No Appetite: Sub-prime and “Alt-A” specialists

Ancillary Financial Institution Products

FI Bond

  • Primary ($10M) and Excess ($25M) Capabilities.
  • Primarily supporting primary placements.
  • Forms Include: 14 (advisors/funds/stock brokerages), 24 (banks / trusts), 25 (insurance companies).
  • Double Aggregate Limit available, compliant with provincial securities commissions.
  • Restrictions: Agents rider, ‘Robin Hood’ Clause (available for excess only).

Corporate Canopy (Private Multiline)

  • Primary ($15M) and Excess ($25M) Capacity.
  • Appetite for all sizes of risk, with no restricted classes.
  • Policy Form includes: D&O, EPL, Crime, and Fiduciary with aggregated or separate policy limits.
  • Minimal appetite for US Employment Practices Liability for > 50 US-based employees.

Financial Institution Programs

Life Agents & Mutual Fund Dealers, and Securities Broker/Dealers

  • Limits per individual, sponsored entity, association, or independent group.
  • Professional Services may include ancillary/incidental activities such as tax planning, mortgage brokering, and investment advice.
  • Coverage provided for all provincial requirements, including Fraud Coverage, Defense Costs outside limits, and $5M Aggregate for Manitoba individuals.
  • Restrictions: Viatical life products, Exempt Market Dealer participants, Real Estate sales (partnerships or other), agents who focus on high yield (junk) bonds or ‘alternative’ assets, programs where more than 10% of clients are leveraged or are margin accounts.
  • Contact Arch for specific underwriting criteria.

Executive Assurance / Professional Liability: SERVICE COMMITMENT

24 hour timeline for response to submission. 24 hour quote turnaround on conventional Side A DIC / Side A Broad form (subject to complete information), 48 hours quote turnaround time on Private Equity, Financial Institutions E&O / D&O.