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Arch New Jersey Temporary Disability Benefits Law

Employers with one or more employees working in New Jersey are required to provide short-term disability benefits should the employee be disabled by an off-the-job injury or illness. Benefits are 66 2/3 % Average Weekly Wages to a maximum of $633 per week for 26 weeks after 7-day elimination period. Enrichment options are available.

What most employers don’t realize is that they pay into a state plan for this coverage and have the option to “opt out” and move their coverage to an Arch disability plan for a potential savings and superior service. Even if coverage is already in place though another private carrier, there still could be considerable saving by switching to Arch.

Did you know…

  • Temporary Disability Benefits (TDB) insurance is mandatory* for all employers in New Jersey.
  • All New Jersey employers are automatically enrolled in the state disability plan, but have the option to establish a private plan of coverage with an insurance carrier upon approval by the state and upon written election of a majority of covered employees.
  • On average, it takes the State of N.J. over 2 weeks to process a disability claim.

Arch’s New Jersey TDB coverage offers an alternative to the state plan:

  • Many employers will see a savings when they move away from the state plan to Arch
  • Arch, on average, pays its claims in four business days or less.
  • Arch can offer many claimants tax savings on their disability benefits
  • 100% paperless of all policy and related documents. There’s no waiting for the U.S Mail.
  • Employer access to online, real-time FICA and claim reports. Arch Insurance offers Disability policy holders access to our state-of-the-art online reporting tools.

    The Arch NJ TDB solutions (by employer size)

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    Arch NJ Small Business 
    Arch's disability solution
    for New Jersey small

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    Arch Assist TDBsm
    This is our guaranteed savings
    program for eligible employer
    groups who are currently
    covered the State of NJ

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    Arch Assist TDBsm

    Arch NJ Large Business 
    Our Underwriters will craft a
    benefit plan and a competitive
    rate for each employer group

    Contact Arch for a quote:
    Arch Underwriting:

  • Arch will pay the Disability assessments the state bills the employer.
  • If needed, Arch will pay the fee for an enrollment firm to help with the employee election consent process

* New Jersey Temporary Disability Benefits Law (TDB) - Short-term disability benefit for New Jersey employees who are disabled because of a non-occupational illness or injury. Benefits are 66 2/3 % Average Weekly Wages to a maximum of $633 (2017) per a week for 26 weeks after a 7-day elimination period.